Music + Technology + Random Nonsense from the Music Industry by Ethan Kaplan, VP Product, Live Nation


Me and Patti Smith

My name is Ethan. I am 32 years old. This is me with one of my idols, Patti Smith, taken March 12, 2009 in NYC

About me and the music business:

I have been somewhat involved in the music business since I was 16 and decided to make a website for R.E.M.

I used to oversee Emerging Technology for Warner Music Group before I decided to leave in January 2011.

I used to run the Warner Bros. Records technology department.

I now am the VP of Product for and associated properties, founding a division called LiveNation Labs with the former executive team from BigChampagne.

Some recent press about things I did or worked on:

I am committed to open source, transparency, collaboration, innovation and the new and the cool.


All opinions on BlackRimGlasses are mine alone, and not the opinions of my former employer (Warner Music Group), my current employer (LiveNation Entertainment) nor bands I work with (ie, R.E.M.). It’s useful to note that I’ve been friends with R.E.M. half my life, so none of my opinions regarding them are purely objective.

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