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2011 Resolutions

I realize it has been way too quiet here. Things are busy at work and at home and my blogging time has been limited. However, I will do a year in review post, but first I’m going to do some resolutions for next year, inspired by Kevin Rose’s post of the same.

Like Kevin, I’ll do 10.

  1. Get back into tennis. I haven’t played since high school and I’m in a lot better shape now than I was then.
  2. Maintain my work/computer/life balance properly, especially time with Eli and Amy
  3. Be a nicer person
  4. Now that we know Eli can travel, we should do so!
  5. See more concerts
  6. Run another marathon
  7. Make an iPhone app and a web app
  8. Organize life and keep it organized
  9. Learn something new NOT involving computers, programming languages, etc
  10. Organize photos (both digital and analog), scan the analog in, make books
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