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Personal MacMini Home Theater Channel

For the new house I want to be able to have a central repository of videos that we’ve stored, taken or otherwise have, but not put Apple TV’s or MacMini’s on every TV.

Back when people had SD sets and cable, you could use an RF modulator to create your own channels on your cable system. This is used a lot in signage, churches, schools, etc.

To do so with HD you have to use a QAM modulator. They were typically in the many of thousands of dollars, but were how bars and such were able to store DirectTV receivers in a rack and still tune the TV’s into the individual ones.

Enter a consumer grade QAM modulator from Zeevee, called the ZvBox.

At around $1000.00 it isn’t cheap, but its reasonable and would do some interesting things.

The primary thing I want to do with it is hook up a MacMini and use the IRTrans Wifi relayer to let any room control that MacMini with standard IR controls. The other alternative is to use RF keyboards and mice, but the range might be an issue.

The MacMini would run Boxee and let any TV tune into a channel that displayed it. I’d also have options to run a Panic like dashboard for the house, including energy consumption, cameras, etc.

If the cost of the highest end units ends up coming down to reasonable levels, I could also see centralizing the DirectTV receivers in a rack and being able to distribute them to all rooms in the house.

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  1. Joel says:

    Keep me in the loop on the home energy dashboard mate!