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Lets compare:

Logitech Harmony



Performs tasks related to the macro management of home entertainment gear with a three and a half inch capacitive display.


Phillips Pronto TSU9800


6.4″ VGA display with optical rotary wheel and WiFi support. Capacitive touch screen display.


Phillips TSU9400

3.5 inch capacitive touch screen display. Works with Windows MCE!



Apple iPad

$499.00 to $829.00

General purpose computing device. 3,500 dedicated and 150,000 compatible apps and counting.

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One Response

  1. Jerad says:

    I’d have no problem dropping $100 on a Logitech-made iPad remote control app. The only downside is that I know I’d have to buy two iPads so that I’d have one for control while my wife or I used the other to browse the web while watching TV.