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Thoughts on the Palm Pre

I have a Palm Pre, and have been using it for a bit now and here are some random thoughts:

  • Why is this device being called an “iPhone killer”? THe iPhone is an Apple computer with a phone application and a cellular modem. The Palm Pre is a phone.
  • Multitasking is highly over-rated on this device. The device has a beautiful interface, and needs a much higher speed processor.
  • The keyboard is unusable. Seriously. I prefer soft keyboards.
  • The UI is really nice, but really slow and unresponsive. Multiple touches are necessary, and it doesn’t have the “finger feel” of an iPhone. No inherent tacticality (not a word, but it should be).
  • The music application is pretty interesting and has a nice visualization component with the album art, but the music skips at the slightest processor jump.

All in all: good first effort, but otherwise a failure of a phone. I await my MyTouch from T-Mobile, we’ll see how that one is.

Now, I think the Pre platform, and WebOS shows a huge amount of promise. I also think that Apple is missing the boat by not allowing more applications to participate in a multitasking system. They only allow the Phone, iPod and a few other background processes background tasking. I do understand the reasoning, but I think once they get the vetting of iPhone apps up to speed with some good tools, systems and beef up the SDK, they should allow people to select applications for “slots” as background tasks. That way a user has control of it (similar to how push notifications work) and we can still run apps in the background.

Competition is good, I just wish the competition was better in this case.

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8 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    Do some research next time. The speed processor is the same as the iphones. Not only that but the Pre is more of a computer than the iphone, last time I checked you didn’t have to go to a home screen anytime you wanted to switch to a different app or webpage on a computer. Multiple touches are necessary? Only if you miss the icon. Nice try at a review, but you fail.

  2. jim robertson says:

    Sounds like another jealously written fruit lover to me. What are your fingers/thumbs shaped like?Pickles? This phone is not slow and runs more like a pocket computer than any phone ever has. It will be awhile before we see anything rival it for it’s overall abilities and that will probably be another Palm running webOS.

  3. JC says:

    What a biased joke of an article. The Pre is the closest thing to laptop in your pocket. The keyboard is small, but highly usable. The Pre is not perfect, but this article is absolute Apple fanboy drivel.

  4. Brian Sanders says:

    I was beginning to wonder why my Pre is far superior to the reviewer’s. Thanks to the other posters.

    I’ve read quite a few reviews over the years. I’d rate this one the most inaccurate (and most ridiculous) of them all.

    (This message typed easily with my big hands on my Palm Pre keyboard.)

  5. Chris Loesch says:

    The iPhone 3GS actally has the same family of CPU as the Pre however the Pre’s can clock up to 1 Gig while the iPhone can only do a little over 800 Meg. The iPhone does have a slightlty faster GPU but not that it matters if the apps don’t run as fast. The Pre like its earlier Palm predecesors is more like a mobile computer with a phone on it. The iPhone is more like an MP3 player with a phone on it. Pre is faster in every respect on an OS that is still to come of age. Multi-tasking is great for any serious user. The touch-screen on the Palm has been rated more responsive in every other shootout and it is brighter and more crisp since it has the same pixels packed in a slightly smaller screen. It doesn’t have the overheating problems the iPhone 3GS has either. I love Macs, have owned 15 in the last 20 yrs and just purchased a new MacBook Pro yesterday. On the flip-side the iPhone is the Windows of the mobile device world, the Pre is more like the Mac. Funny how the Palm Pre has out Mac’ed the Apple product and with the Mojo SDK being easier to write for it is only a matter of time till the apps pile in.

  6. Ethan Kaplan says:

    wow, touched a nerve. I said the Pre has potential, just not there yet (if anybody bothered to read).

    And its not a “review” just random thoughts after a few weeks of usage.

    Calm down.

  7. Rick Smits says:

    iPhones are great, Palm Pres are great. I dislike the term “iPhone Killer”. Palm does not need (nor will it) fail in order for the Pre to succeed. I love my iPod Touch, but using the Palm Pre (phone aside), I prefer the Pre. It does what I want, when I want it, how I want it. When the App Store gets more apps the package will be complete. I’m an Apple fan, but I would not get an iPhone even if I wanted to leave Sprint, which I don’t. Oh, and the phone works great also. I predict many new devices with WebOS, Palm should rebound nicely (like Apple once did).

  8. avramk says:

    clearly the pre does not load apps as fast as the iphone, that seems annoying to me, i just tested both do not own them, so just and opinion, i also like the iphone screen better and the keyboard, do not like little keys on the pre