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Mission Metallica

So at Mesh I spoke about music as experience. Here’s an example of that concept. Our amazingly awesome tech team at WBR (Keff, Crystal, Shaun, Teja, Shayna, Jessica, Sara) we just today launched Mission Metallica.

Its music as experience. Check it out.

Tech details: Drupal based, uses Flash with an XML API. Runs on our Platform.

Picture 4.jpg

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3 Responses

  1. Still surprised nobody has commented. Anyways, this site is extremely cool. We’re doing something similar with Jack’s Mannequin (but nowhere near as large of a scale) and I’ve always believed that things like this are what are going to keep the fans listening and buying.

    Just out of curiosity, how come it seems some of your newer sites still have a Flash front end, albeit with a nicer back end? Wouldn’t the idea be to eliminate Flash on the front end entirely except when necessary, i.e. for video or a specific animation that cannot be done in another way?

  2. cool site troller says:

    Not as slick as – in fact it’s not even in the same league.

    Nice try Ethan, give those folks a shout and maybe they’ll help you out. – remember this site cause it’s gonna sell like club penguin someday

  3. Metallica, we love you!