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wimote + joost is rather cool

I managed to hook up a MacMini to a plasma and hook the Wiimote up as a pointing device and run Joost full screen. This actually translated into a meaningful application of Joost, as well as a peak at what user interaction with more complicated visual experience in the living room could look like.

[From ParisLemon: Buzz Doesn't Pay. Is Joost Dying?]

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2 Responses

  1. Pierre says:


    I’ve been thinking of using a mac mini for my video center as well. I didn’t think of using the wiimote though. That’s a pretty cool idea.

    How does Joost look expanded on the big screen? I was worried that it would be too pixelated.

    Make sure you check out’s streams. Their regular AND Hi Def streams look FANTASTIC on big screen.

  2. MG Siegler says:

    I think the possibility of doing something like that as well as using a piece of software like Google Earth on my big TV are definitely two reasons why I would lean towards getting a Mac Mini over an Apple TV.