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Digg – Paleontologist unveils African dinosaur

This is what Digg has become? Racist jokes and bad science? And they banned the key for decrypting HDDVD but let this shit on here? Bad form.

. [From Digg - Paleontologist unveils African dinosaur]

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One Response

  1. Jeff says:

    Your blowing it out of per portion, go play WoW these days… there is a monster race called “naga(s)”. All the players(mostly raiders… age is 18+) make jokes from it and it has not hurt anyone. I think your thought is that of someone who is not part of the younger culture that uses contributes to Digg. Its 2007 and people that are sheltered from that culture do not get it. My generation is more tolerable, we like to find humor in things for entertainment, however we are more integrated with other cultures so we can see when we cross the line. When we do we acknowledge, from a majority perceptive.

    Digg has become? because 1 out of how many stories submitted per day?, references something that could create racist jokes? Say that a majority of the stories are, then I’ll believe that Digg has “become” this.

    ValleyWag is that way —>