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Ethan’s Thoughts on the Social Graph as prompted by Brad’s Thoughts

Brad’s Thoughts on the Social Graph: this is super cool and smart. Social graphs get more complex if the edges of the graphs have the ability to connect. Imagine if there ways of doing directed edges between different social networks, and a universal RFC’ed API that allowed us to tap into, correlate and manage the graph that emerges from that. I’m joining the group, and will have to write more on this later.

In the meantime, I think there are a few important things to get from this:

  • Social graphs are dependent on having enough complexity to make them self balancing, but not so much complexity that scale-free networks can’t emerge.
  • All social graphs that we manage should have the ability for us to explicitly say which and how the edges connect out of network, as a means of mitigating the privacy concerns that are inherent with any data that is correlated directly to people.
  • Spontaneous or machinic intelligence can and should emerge given the ability to “feed” the graph into various algorithms and systems to get some sort of emergence of order or collective intelligence.
  • A social graph API would let any new service be about features, intelligence and behavior and leverage outside API’s to do collective social network analysis.
  • This would be ideally suited to Drupal.
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