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» LinkedIn to open up to developers | Between the Lines |

» LinkedIn to open up to developers | Between the Lines | I’m wondering if this is going to be a trend from all web based applications. The insertion of hooks into the base level operating system (the application as it were) that allows the insertion of application logic into the over-all framework. This is kind of how Vbulletin and Drupal et al work, and there is no reason to think this can’t extend to the Internet. The Facebook Platform, and whatever other platforms that could be made, are simply abstraction layers upon an application framework. Minus access control, it is the same tools that are used internally to build upon. Public abstraction of internal logic. We’re doing the same thing at WBR incidentally using Drupal. Could I see us opening up the WBR sites for application development? Maybe. It’d certainly be an interesting extension of music licensing, now wouldn’t it?

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