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Thoughts on Turning 28

I turn 28 tomorrow. This really isn’t a big deal on the surface, but with any birthday I think you get to thinking about certain things and thus, in the great spirit of Digg and the like, I present to you:

The Top 10 Things a Geek Thinks About When He Turns 28

  1. I am significantly more physically fit than I was at 18, which I find ironic. I also weigh less. Doubly ironic.
  2. Amy just turned 29, and now that we’re edging toward 30, we are seriously discussing when the time is “right” to have kids. I don’t think any time is “right” per se, but I think we are ready, whenever that time is.
  3. High school seems like a long, long time ago. The scary thing is: my undergraduate and graduate years are starting to feel the same.
  4. When I was a little kid, maybe 8 or 9, I used to wonder what I’d look like as an “adult” (adult in this case being my late 20′s). I don’t know how accurate I was, but I like to think I was precognitive 20 years ago.
  5. Having a mortgage, two pugs, a cat and a wife makes you feel more “adult” than age ever will
  6. Why has Douglas Coupland written two books with a character named “Ethan” that are very different in situ, but oddly similar to myself? (I speak of Microserfs and JPod) In Microserfs’ case, these similarities are much more apparent now than they were even two years back.
  7. Its sad that as you age, things around you seem to age that much faster. This especially applies to animals that you grew up with. And people.
  8. I’m starting to feel a lot less detached from people because of age. I’m no longer the young one among a sea of adults, but moving toward the MOR, which is very different indeed from what I’m used to.
  9. As we all get older, the age difference between my sibling (and sibling-in-law and pseudo-sibling, my uncle, five years my senior) starts to mean exponentially less.
  10. My favorite band in the world just celebrated their 27th anniversary. Their lead singer turned 28 when I was just getting into the band. This somehow makes me feel old, but not as old as Michael Stipe must feel sometimes.

I think in the end, age doesn’t mean so much as what you make of the years you are given. Each day ultimately is closer to your end, and for me, the most depressing thing about life is the way that each can slip away unless you focus on each minute of it.

I turn 28 tomorrow, but does it really mean much? At 6:19PM on April 10, 1979, I was born unto this world. On April 10, 2007, I’ll go out to dinner with my wife, raise up a glass and toast to the years since, the years ahead and maybe in that little second of what amounts to a little day, find something to drive me toward the next minute. And next minute. And the next, etc.

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13 Responses

  1. Grant says:

    Congrats on turning 28, fellow Aries. From a person who just turned 28….7 days ago!

  2. Dempsey says:

    Happy Birthday. Now people will stop referring to you as “too young” or “still young”. You are officially old. Mainstream advertising is no longer targeting you!

    #9 surprised me a little. “Age doesn’t make a difference” is just taking hold? Talk to younger people like they’re your age and talk to older people like they’re your age and everyone will respect you.

    And don’t forget, when you’re twenty, a year is only 1/20th of your life, but at thirty it’s 1/30th. So time does “go quicker” as you age. Savor every moment (sans the time it took to read this comment).

  3. Elisabeth Nortje says:

    Happy Birthday, Ethan!

  4. Paul Booth says:

    Happy Birthday from a fellow Murman (Murmurperson?). Im 38 on the 11th.

  5. joel says:

    happy birthday mate – from an aussie who’s been reading this blog for some time.

    You’ve done some amazing things so far – and there will be many more to come I don’t doubt.

  6. Bob Plankers says:

    Hey, happy belated birthday! Mine is today and I was just catching up on my blog reading when I saw this. You’re dead on with these thoughts. High school was 12 years ago! Holy crap! I have to get new stories!

    Anyhow, I enjoy what you post here, and just thought I’d chime in. Take care!

  7. Michael Vu says:

    Happy belated birthday! I’m turning 27 very soon as well…

    Time is moving faster than ever…

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  9. Maya says:

    I guess I am waaay too late to say happy b-day, I just happened to find your blog on the day of my 28th b-day…and I am actually feeling a little down…I have a happy life and everything…I guess it’s just the fact that on your birthday you go back to those old years in which you thought you were going to be so far in life at this point…and I still feel the same…I guess it’s hard to admit it…but as a woman…i am starting to think about how nice it would be to get married…I’ve been going out with the same guy for 2 1/2 years…so i’m just hoping he surprises me soon….

    Thanks for letting me post my thoughts on this day!

  10. Martin K. says:

    I turned 28 today. My girlfriend of 7 months dumped me 6 days ago–she did it 1 day before I was due to fly 5,000 miles to visit her. I wouldn’t feel as old if she hadn’t left me. I thought, what a great holiday season this will be; I’ll be able to visit my girlfriend, whom I hadn’t seen in 4 months, and I’ll celebrate my birthday, christmas, and new years with her. Then, life came all of a sudden. Also, everyone here needs to shut up about their age, we are too age focused in many parts of the world. Think about how many young people die, while old people continue to live. Age is certainly not the only determinant to a lifespan. So, obsessing about your age even for a fraction of a second is stupid;if only because you might die in a car crash tommorow, in which case 28 was very “old” indeed. (Sorry about the run-on)

  11. kirra says:

    Happy b/days for all that turned 28yrs. I just did myself in december 27 and I have to say for some reason I felt soo depressed on that day than any of my previous bdays. I felt like I had not done anything important in my life. I am a regular 28yrs woman with 9-5 job, no boyfriend. I think I had it in my mind that I would be married by this age and with kids and maybe with a bigger job but I guess not. I guess it’s just life -the grind of life!
    Maybe I have to lighten up, if only people would stop asking me if I am married or have a boyfriend, right?

  12. Nine says:

    Wow . . happy belated 31st Ethan-guy . . how’s it feel now that 3 years has passed? I’m turning 28 in a month and it feels kinda crappy . . it feels like I have about 5min to complete all my goals in life before I get too old . . I wanna be a rockstar . . I wanna be a millionaire . . I wanna be married w/children . . and I wanna travel the world before I get old . . which at this point I’m feeling is 28. This sounds silly . . but that’s what social media makes you believe . . you know what . . I’m going to make the cut-off in my head 29 . . now I have a whole year to do these things and I can feel old 365 days from now!! Thanks Ethan-guy!! :)