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GigaOM » Web 2.0: End of Innocence

GigaOM » Web 2.0: End of Innocence: oh give me a fucking break. Market economics, competition and actual… you know… BUSINESS is the end of innocence for the stupid concept of Web 2.0? What did you expect? Fuzzy puppies and unicorns prancing on a grassy knoll? Was that Web 2.0? A hippy playground where data flowed like water without concern for bandwidth, economics, business sense or capitalization? Actually….. yes it was. And now because Google has exposed itself for what it really is — namely a business who takes other peoples good work and integrates it in its own without giving back necessarily — people are crying foul?????? Maybe you shouldn’t have been so transparent! Unicorns and puppies only make your teeth shatter. They don’t make a good business.

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