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Taking the week off « Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger

Taking the week off « Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger: how many “I’m disgusted, I’m taking the week off” posts have I read in the 15 years I’ve been ethankap on the Internet? Almost as many as those decrying the depraved culture of the Internet in general. You all should go read Sherry Turkle’s “Life on the Screen.” There are quantifiable and documented and scientific reasons this happens. Dialog about the culture isn’t going to get anything more than more posts about the culture, which if you do some research, has been going on since HAM radio.

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  1. jharr says:

    My thoughts exactly. This is a terriblesiuation, but not an uncommmon one, certainly not to anyone with a modicum of fame. We all put ourselves out there when we blog, on any scale. Scoble will not be a force of change, I understand and respect that he and a friend have been attacked, but he’s a but delusional to think that his forgoing blogging for a week will spur a dialog and conscience in a way to prevent a group who hide behind their anonymity and batter innocent people from continuing to do so.