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RIP Twitter (2007-2007) « web1979

RIP Twitter (2007-2007) « web1979: I got hit with a 60 dollars SMS bill last month because I was enamored with tracking and contributing to my friends talk about their dietary and travel habits. I turned off SMS alerts and now… I don’t use Twitter much. I like it, in theory, and maybe I’ll start again, but I don’t know… my life isn’t that interesting and a moblog is more interesting than text.

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2 Responses

  1. Eric Rice says:

    Not just that, it’s local usefulness is nil… Most of the folks I used it with were here at SXSW and they’ve left, I’m still here. I can barely get updates from my four out of 117 friends on where to go and who is still left, because yes, diets and cats.

    Anyway, hope to see you around if you’re in town. I wanna meet a co-worker of yours to say hi. :-)

  2. Daniel R says:

    Best blog posting title on twitter so far.

    Personally, most folks turn off the SMS-based updates and opt for a daily read through the twitter website.

    @Eric: “Not just that, it’s local usefulness is nil” – True, but so is email, IM, and the fax machine if not enough people your want to be stay in touch with are on it.

    I think twitter is not directly useful, but a novelty. It is stuck somewhere between a broadcast SMS service and a mini-blog. And SMS broadcast service like dodgeball are useful only if all you’re friends are on it, and they dont abuse it with pointless messages like “I’m off to the grocery store” or “Man, I’m craving some unagi”.