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Macworld: Editors’ Notes: Expo reaction: iDisappointed

Macworld: Editors’ Notes: Expo reaction: iDisappointed: uh, the keynote would have been 5 hours long. Apple in the past has done special events in February and March all the way leading up to WWDC to announce other products, or they just slide them out to the public with only a yellow sticky note to signify it. I love how the Apple community is all RA RA and then hand-wringing during their come-down. This applies to all blogs that are going off on “the device isn’t open!” when in reality, no one said a damn thing about that, least of all Steve Jobs. His silence on the matter could be good or bad, but it certainly isn’t ANYTHING to draw conclusions from.

The only thing he did say: it runs OSX with all the benefits of API’s and architectures that entails. And it has widgets. Read into that what you will. I Imagine that there will be a process for third party apps, but that probably depends on how solid and secure they can make the core OS on the device up to release. If you think about it this way: the device runs OSX. What is the one thing about OSX we love to tout? Security. How is it implemented? No root access w/out authentication. Apply that to a phone….. Now apply it to a phone where data, SMS, etc end up costing you money… Symbian is insecure in so much that you can install any app with only a “yes” or “no” and theoretically that can then blast off SMS to everyone on your list, 100 times a minute. Blackberry is secure, but an buggy app once made my device unusable, forcing a hard reset. Would Apple allow that?

Probably not.

Lest we forget, its OSX on a different animal, which brings different things along with it in terms of sustaining quality of service for the entire device independent on what the device is used for. Widgets seem to be supported, which means it has the API access Dashboard does from the Javascript engine. Applications? I can imagine that they’ll have to go through a QA process. I also have a feeling that those that are writing interesting apps right now w/ Cocoa might get some stuff in the next ADC DVD.

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