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Second Life as P2P?

Mark Shuttleworth » Blog Archive » #6: Sensory immersion: I was thinkin a lot about this today. Specifically about the challenges that Linden is going to face in the scalability of Second Life if they truly want to become a Metaverse type system. So I was thinking: could we devise a way to do P2P Second Life? Meaning: the users machine would contribute to the powering of the world as a whole?

That would operate in a system similar to Skype (or the Venice Project for that matter) in that the power of the virtual world scales linearly with the power of the machines connected. Users could donate spare clock cycles to the world as well. Of course we’d face the issue of upstream bandwidth in terms of streaming data out, but if the system was creative in terms of how it handled the actual rendering and powering of the data, I think something could happen. Maybe.

Or maybe Linden needs to reevaluate the protocols used for positioning data and the streaming of the world “status” as it were to each participant.

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