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My BB8700 just went from “cool” to “essential”

Google just rolled out a new version of Google Mobile Maps today that includes traffic overlays. I live in Los Angeles, and hence this application just went from “its pretty cool” to “its damn near imperative that I have this with me at all times.” The UI is pretty cool, although I wish it had speeds. It overlays the freeways with red/yellow/green lines to indicate flow speed. It even works with the off-ramps and interchanges.

You can download the service by going to on your Blackberry or most other J2ME capable phones (but its prettier on the 8700).

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3 Responses

  1. TechniCool says:

    I agree that Google maps are pretty cool. That is of course until they become COVERED with advertising. Google rememebr is an advertising company!

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