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Google Notebook launches

Google seems to be getting more and more into the personal organization space.

The latest is Google Notebook. From what I can tell, it is like a personal Wiki. I think the nicest thing about it is its integration with Firefox. Anyhow, Google Notebook is organized by Notebooks and then Notes within them. Notes can have Section Headings, and the whole thing (or parts) can be made public.

Here are some screen shots….

Google Notebook
Here’s Google Notebook on login. Notice the clean Google aesthetic with contextual indicators of UI actions.

The Firefox plugin on startup
This is the Firefox extension in action. It adds a link to the bottom of your screen where you can add notes and such to it. At any point you can maximize to fullpage view. You can also drag any text from the webpage to a new note.

Firefox plugin
A clean and simple screen to add new notes.

The notebook
Here’s the non-Firefox UI. Pretty clean with some AJAX in there for good measure.

Adding a new note
Here’s the interface to add a new note.

All in all, its a nice, elegant and easy to use service, but is it revolutionary? No, not at all. Also, as Google’s mission is to organize the world’s data, and not necessarily my own, I do wonder if I’d entrust the contents of my Yojimbo! library to Google Notebook. I think not.

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